Teachers can be contacted via their email addresses listed below or by clicking the envelope.

Individual teacher websites can be opened by clicking the link symbol next to their name.

As a school, we are using Google Classroom. Your child's classroom teacher has been in contact with students / parents to provide them with the appropriate information on how to join their classrooms. As well, the you may use the class codes below to join the Google Classrooms of the following:

  • Mr. Leo Hynes - Principal - Class Code: fjigdaw
  • Ms. Amanda Broomfield - Guidance - Class Code: 6x6kkci
  • Mrs. Tanya Vivian - IRT - Math Strategies: sw5qdny Reading Strategies: ufugfjp
  • Mrs. Heidi Price - Music - Class Code: jhjumwa
  • Mrs. Erica Jackman - French - Class Code: xd7juxe
  • Mr. Jeff Burke - Phys Ed - Class Code: g7ryrjc

Here is a really good resource to help any questions about Classroom. Credit to Enniskillen Royal Grammar School for this resources.

2020 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom.pdf